Presentations and topics

Corporate speaking:

Awaken Your Company’s Heart Power.

Successful companies are the cornerstones of a progressive and wealthy society. In this presentation Steinar Ditlefsen will light the spark of purpose in your people. It will show how to get love and heart into the business. Not a weak and sentimental love, but real and tangible human forces that awaken when the company and it’s people allow themselves to be driven by purpose. Imaging an explosion of creativity and productivity, cooperation and friendly, sharing and caring people within your walls.

The real magic in life and business appears when our talents, ideas and actions emanates from our heart. This presentation will ignite passion, empowerment and inspired actions in your company’s everyday activities.  When your people are connected to this authentic energy, it will elevate everything.

Presentation for entrepreneurs:

Awaken Your Entrepreneur Heart Power.

Entrepreneurs are passionate people. In a world filled with potential, they are always looking for possibilities and creative expression. Entrepreneurs have mind power. They think, they act and they achieve great goals. In this talk Steinar Ditlefsen will show you an even more powerful way. A way of life fulfillment. Steinar talks about a new paradigm: Entrepreneurs driven by heart power. The real magic in life and business appears when your talents, ideas and actions emanates from your heart. It’s an energy that transforms everything – your world and the whole world. It’s time to awaken your entrepreneur heart power.


In my opinion Steinar Ditlefsen is one of the absolutely best and most inspiring speakers in Denmark today. He has an incredible authenticity and warmth in his communication – and he is a very entertaining speaker. He’ll give you high energy, he’ll touch you and you’ll go home with new perspectives and tools for your future meetings with other people.

Thomas Rex FrederiksenCEO Speakers Club

A recommendable seminar! Steinar Ditlefsen exceeded my expectations and created an enormous enthusiasm. He gave us astounding ideas and solutions. I’m left with this feeling that this day with my employees made such a difference that I would need a year to communicate the same.

Einar HelgesenCEO HocasCredit AS.

Very rarely, you will meet someone like Steinar Ditlefsen. Obviously, he is a communication expert, but also one that so much manages to catch the attention and inspire his audience. These are skills you can’t find even in the best manuals.

Ditte M. JessenCoordinator at The Entrepreneur Exhibition

Thanks for your participation at our international meeting. The audience really connected well with you and really liked the session. Thanks very much.

Eva PapamondiodiVice President Global Quality NOVO NORDISK.

Steinar elevates the energy to a maximum in just 5 minutes. Everybody gets up, everybody listens intensely to the funny and real everyday stories. The presentation contains facts, humor, and his own experiences. Steinar has so much to give as a human being and as a speaker – and he, therefore, also is counted among the top speakers.

Karina DrabschEvent leader, The Power Job Seekers.