A presentation that infuses the audience with enthusiasm,
energy, laughter and compassion – and creates new perspectives
on work and life.

Steinar Ditlefsen is a speaker who manages the art of inspiring speaking. He speaks on all kind of stages, from the corporate world to events and summits, and has been booked to share the stage with legendary speakers like Keith Cunningham, Janet Attwood, Brendon Burchard and many more international top speakers.

You can book Steinar for presentations in both English, Danish and Norwegian.

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Awaken Your Company Heart Power
Awaken Your Entrepreneur Heart Power

Thanks for your participation at our international meeting. The audience really connected well with you and really liked the session. Thanks very much.

Eva PapamondiodiVice President Global Quality NOVO NORDISK

In my opinion Steinar Ditlefsen is one of the absolutely best and most inspiring speakers in Denmark today. He has an incredible authenticity and warmth in his communication – and he is a very entertaining speaker. He’ll give you high energy, he’ll touch you and you’ll go home with new perspectives and tools for your future meetings with other people.

Thomas Rex FrederiksenCEO SpeakersClub

If you ever have the opportunity to hear Steinar Ditlefsen speak…. Oh my goodness! He is spectacular! He is genuine and incredibly talented at inspiring others to their highest and greatest potential.

Deborah E. TompkinsMichigan, US

Steinar elevates the energy to a maximum in just 5 minutes. Everybody gets up, everybody listens intensely to the funny and real everyday stories. The presentation contains facts, humor, and his own experiences. Steinar has so much to give as a human being and as a speaker – and he, therefore, also is counted among the top speakers.

Karina DrabschEvent leader, The Power Job Seekers

Very rarely, you will meet someone like Steinar Ditlefsen. Obviously, he is a communication expert, but also one that so much manages to catch the attention and inspire his audience. These are skills you can’t find even in the best manuals.

Ditte M. JessenCoordinator at The Entrepreneur Exhibition